Knee-hab Update
Knee-hab Update

Knee-hab Update

I had another session of PT today – I’m down to 1x/week.  Today my PT said, “I have a theory that you don’t actually have pes anserine bursitis. Does this hurt?” And she poked a tendon in my lower leg.  And then I fell off the table.

So – I just have the weirdest, most severe shin splints ever.  And the tightest IT Band ever. With the tension in my lower, inside leg fighting with the tension in my upper, outside leg, it’s no wonder my knees are fucked.

So – stretching, stretching, stretching.

I need to find one of those foam roller thingies.

I need to start with the ice baths after every run.

And I need to massage my shins until they’re bruised almost every day.

BUT – the good news is that with aggressive treatment, this is easily fixed. I have to be aggressive, though. Tomorrow after work – I am at the gym. Treadmill 3 min run/1 min walk (woo!) for 30 minutes. Foam roller. Leg press. Abductor/adductor machine. Extension/leg curl machine.

Wednesday – 30 minute (3 run/1 walk) run at home after work).

Thursday – crazy weights; 30 minutes elliptical.  That night I will reward myself with drinkies with the pdx bloggers – I’m going to be seeing HTC, Ambitious A, Junk Miles, and our guest celebrity, in town for the marathon.

Friday, I’m going to walk from my work to the architect’s work. I don’t think it’s too far.

Saturday – gardening and a run (another 3/1).

Sunday – anyone up for yoga?

Now, I just need to watch the food. I got a new swimsuit for Vegas last week, and it looks good, but with a few pounds less around the middle, it could look better!


  1. Wow, nice week ahead exercise wise!! I have not run in 6 days but i plan on a 3-4 mile run tomorrow morning!!!

    Wish i was in Portland this weekend to meet up and watch the marathon!! Someday!!


    1. We’ll see how well I do with it. Today my life’s ambition is less “run” and more “sit on couch with blanket & cat & giant bowl of chocolate ice cream and side dish of graham crackers.”

      I’m trying to stay strong.

    1. Also – I am not currently training for anything. I was marathon training before the knee went all wonky, and I’d like to get back to that, but when I asked my PT if I could do a marathon in May, she changed the subject & walked away.

  2. You also might want to find a chiropractor for the knee-hab. I swear by my guy here in SC. He’s an Upper Cervical Chiro (specialty in the top 2 bones of the neck) that can fix anything. He works on tons of triathletes and has adjusted my knees, feet and hips to fix massive shin splints and fallen arches before.

    Hang in there, you’ll feel better soon. but seriously, find a good chiropractor that works on athletes. You’ll be amazed at the results.

    1. Right now I’m loving my PT, but once I run out of visits (which is happening soon), I may have to look for something else. I have an awesome chiro right now, although I’ve never asked him about sports-related stuff (just the basic “I fell down the stairs & now my head doesn’t rotate fully”).

      Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. SnowDance

    If you don’t have what the x-rays show…cuz there were x-rays and an MRI, right? And you go along with the PT’s theory, then what does she think is the main issue? I am confused…but also excited that you are able to run more and your plan is contagious as I am able to start doing more as well. Running will be one avenue, but also more core work and yoga. Work is offering a yoga class I am going to try out Thursday night. I am quite excited about it!

    For all those looking for a killer hike, try out Saddle Mountain off Hwy 26 about 15 miles outside of Cannon Beach/Seaside, a 1600 ft. climb for 2 miles. And the reward for such a climb? An amazing view of the coastal range, Columbia River leading in to the Pacific Ocean, Mt. Rainer, Mt. St. Helens…AMAZING PANORAMIC on a beautiful, clear, Fall day! I would recommend going on a clear day for the full reward of breathtaking views!

    1. the x-rays showed nothing but the bone fragments (which everyone seems to agree are just an annoyance). The MRI showed swelling in the area that could be pes anserine bursitis, BUT I don’t have any other symptoms, so it could have been wrong (every PT that’s looked at me agrees that I don’t present AT ALL like I should – everything is loose where it should be tight, and tight where it should be loose).

      That sounds like an awesome hike. B&I went up Ridge trail in Forest Park Sunday – although instead of taking Leif Erickson (like you & I have done), we kept going up Ridge to Wildwood.

      My next year goal is to run the entirety of Wildwood (although not in one go). You in?

      Wanna go for a walk/run Wednesday night? I meant to email you or call you about it yesterday.

      Also – Vegas is only 2 weeks away! ACK! We need to hook up, exchange music & make plans.

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