Knee-hab Update

I had another session of PT today – I’m down to 1x/week.  Today my PT said, “I have a theory that you don’t actually have pes anserine bursitis. Does this hurt?” And she poked a tendon in my lower leg.  And then I fell off the table.

So – I just have the weirdest, most severe shin splints ever.  And the tightest IT Band ever. With the tension in my lower, inside leg fighting with the tension in my upper, outside leg, it’s no wonder my knees are fucked.

So – stretching, stretching, stretching.

I need to find one of those foam roller thingies.

I need to start with the ice baths after every run.

And I need to massage my shins until they’re bruised almost every day.

BUT – the good news is that with aggressive treatment, this is easily fixed. I have to be aggressive, though. Tomorrow after work – I am at the gym. Treadmill 3 min run/1 min walk (woo!) for 30 minutes. Foam roller. Leg press. Abductor/adductor machine. Extension/leg curl machine.

Wednesday – 30 minute (3 run/1 walk) run at home after work).

Thursday – crazy weights; 30 minutes elliptical.  That night I will reward myself with drinkies with the pdx bloggers – I’m going to be seeing HTC, Ambitious A, Junk Miles, and our guest celebrity, in town for the marathon.

Friday, I’m going to walk from my work to the architect’s work. I don’t think it’s too far.

Saturday – gardening and a run (another 3/1).

Sunday – anyone up for yoga?

Now, I just need to watch the food. I got a new swimsuit for Vegas last week, and it looks good, but with a few pounds less around the middle, it could look better!

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