Crazy Weights™
Crazy Weights™

Crazy Weights™

So – I feel a little crazy today. The next three weeks are going to be crazy busy, then October & November should be mildly crazy. A brief lull for a couple of weeks, and then 7 weeks of intense crazy. I’m going to have to work really hard to remember to take time for me – to take the time to run & relax & hit my weights class.

And speaking of the class, does anyone else hurt as much as me today? My arms & chest & abs. My hamstrings a bit, but mostly the upper body. Every time I have to push open a door I whimper.

Last night I dreamed that I was pouring concrete (which isn’t SO weird, the concrete truck arrives on Monday to do that portion of the driveway), and the architect was making me do all the work of hauling concrete, and directing the giant concrete tubes (I don’t know – that’s how it was in my dream) and the driveway had been dug out to 10 feet deep, meaning I had to pour a LOT of concrete, and I had only 15 minutes to do it.  It was hard! And then I woke up, and every muscle in my upper body was screaming. I didn’t run this morning, because I wasn’t sure I could get a couple of sports bras on. It’s a good thing I washed my hair yesterday – don’t think I could’ve this morning. I haven’t hurt this bad since my first couple of classes. I kinda missed this horrible, horrible pain.

I forgot to mention one very important thing yesterday. I was forced, through no fault of my own, to take a different gym bag yesterday morning. I thought I’d done a good job of stocking it up, and it was only after class that I realized I’d forgotten a very important item. My flip-flops. As I walked barefoot to the shower and then proceeded to shower, again barefoot, all I could remember was that conversation I’d over heard, at the very same gym, between the two foot fungus girls. Blech.

After the shower, I realized that I’d forgotten something else. A comb. So, I finger-combed my hair & put it up the best I could (at least I remembered a clip – nothing says professional like wet, uncombed hair).

Anyways – Friday is winding down, and then it is the weekend again!  Woo! I’m going to try to run tonight a little, and I’m planning on hitting Bikram for the Saturday 9 AM class if anyone’s interested. 

Also – don’t forget to comment on the previous post if you want to win a t-shirt!

Happy weekend!

I feel sorry for people who don’t drink. When they wake up in the morning, that’s as good as they’re going to feel all day.

-Frank Sinatra


  1. My arms are KILLING me! I wimper not just when opening doors, but also when typing, eating, playing with my dog, brushing my teeth, attempting to do my hair, and all other forms of activities. Moving tomorrow should rock. And I, too, forgot flip flops yesterday 🙁 bleck

  2. My arms, chest and abs…oh my!!!


    I felt like such a wimp yesterday, having to take breaks WITH MY WIMPY 5 POUND WEIGHTS throughout class. Yeegads.

    Anyhoo….grody about the flips. I keep a spare pair in the trunk of my car for emergency pedicures, but now it seems they serve a dual purpose.

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