What are your strengths?

Now, thanks to Facebook, I know mine.  I just got the following email from Facebook:

Your friends have voted on your strengths and weaknesses:


best singer
most useful
most trustworthy


person who can drink the most
most creative

Obviously there are some problems with this.
1) Anyone who said I was a good singer has never heard me sing.  Or at least not when they were sober.  Definitely not when I was sober.  I only do drunken karaoke.
2) How are “person who can drink the most” and “most creative” weaknesses?
3) These people who are voting on my drinking prowess have obviously not drank with me in years.  I’m just sayin’.

I am glad that I’m useful and trustworthy (hee, I wrote trustwarty first).  What I’m not glad about is how I wrote this odd, rambling post about squash right before hordes of crabby followers showed up.  So, we’ll go ahead and move that squash post a little further down the page & instead, I’ll ramble about other stuff.  Like my facebook popularity.

Welcome crabbers!  Please stay!  I will make you some delicious yet healthy and organic food!  And then we can go to yoga!

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