Sometimes, the universe DOES balance

Last night, I left work (by bus) at about 6 PM. Plenty of time to get to my car and get to book club (full book review tomorrow) by shortly after 7 PM. About 15 minutes into my bus ride, I realize that I’d left my boss’s door unlocked. That is VERY BAD. If I were anywhere else, I would hop off the bus, and either walk or take the next bus back to work. However, it would’ve taken me a bit more than 15 minutes to walk back to work, and about 30 minutes to bus back. It’s a circular bus route.

So, I ride the bus to my car. And drive back to work. In the rain. And, since I am a big chicken, that means I can’t take the fastest route, because that involves going over the Fremont Bridge, and that is UNACCEPTABLE in the rain.

(Not really the Fremont (I-405) Bridge)

(Not really the Fremont (I-405) Bridge)

I locked my boss’s door. And then, I drove to book club. And, I got pulled over. I have never gotten a ticket in my life (according to any official records), and never been pulled over for speeding. I wasn’t going that fast – 42 in a 35 – and I did get off with a warning, but it was still upsetting.

I got to book club (hi! In case any of your book ladies are here) late, everyone was already done eating, and the discussion was well underway. Fortunately, I was able to contribute, and didn’t feel like a complete idiot. The discussion of the book (Animal, Vegetable, Miracle) led to a wider discussion about eating locally, supporting local farmers, and trying a more seasonal approach to eating/cooking. It was very interesting, since this is something I have been very interested in lately.

This morning it was POURING. I was glad for the rain on Monday. I was okay with it yesterday. But today? A bit much, don’t you think? My tomatoes are going to start rotting – they’re at a very critical stage in their development.

I had my follow-up doctor appointment this morning. As I was sitting in the exam room, my MRI images displayed on the computer screen, I started to freak out. Just a little. I really, really don’t want to have surgery.

Well, the results are in:

  1. Intact medial meniscus (yay)
  2. Mild pes anserine bursitis (this is causing the most pain)
  3. Patellar chondromalacia with edema in superolateral aspect of Hoffa’s fat pad suggesting patellofemoral tracking pathology (my patella is miffed, but not angry – and who are you calling fat?)
  4. Well-corticated ossification along distal patellar tendon at tibial tubercle (the bone fragments are not inflamed, although they do exist)

So – all mostly good. They gave me a steroid shot (I am now banned from Olympic competition – hope I’m not letting Team USA down too much) and I start physical therapy soon. The doctor said I could go on a very short, very slow, very easy run in two weeks. He was not supportive of doing the 5K Run for the Cure (he suggested I “Rest for the Cure” instead) on 9/21, he laughed when I mentioned half-marathon in October, but thought maybe a 5K by the end of October.

He even complimented my footwear today. I wore ugly shoes (as my boss called them) today. I, of course, had cute back-up footwear in my office.

So – no surgery! Totally balances out my getting pulled over last night. Maybe that’s why I had to get pulled over. My karma isn’t good enough to get “no surgery” otherwise. (Note to self, start being nicer to obnoxious monsters little angels in the supermarket.)

Soon, I will totally be back to these:

****amazing segue****

Public Service Announcement: Just in case you were considering going back to school for some adult (hee, not THAT kind of adult) education, I wouldn’t seriously consider Linfield Adult Education. Five points & a free drink next time I see you to the first person who can tell me why:

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