Someone, please buy me this T-shirt

6 responses to “Someone, please buy me this T-shirt

  1. Very cool tee shirt!!! I’ll buy for you if you buy for me??


  2. I agree on the frugality part but wouldn’t it be cool for us to have matching tees? We can be like twins!!!


    • Hmmmm… might be cool. Or it might be dorky. Or, it might just be a powerful combination of the two!

      Wonder Twin powers activate!

      (the first time I typed the above, I wrote Wonder Twin posers activate. That might actually be closer to the truth.)

  3. Well i am a self proclaimed dork! I am, i even wrote about it in my blog!!! Just think a cool dork or a dorky cool either way works for me!!!


  4. Haha. That’s great.