My weekend in review: I am a domestic goddess

This weekend, I was all alone. With the exception of everyone in my neighborhood, and the contractor, and the mailman, and the people at the shops I went to, I saw no one.

Friday morning, against my will, I took the architect to the airport. After work, I started my weekend of debauchery domesticity.

I had a couple of beers, hung out with the cats, and watched a movie. I know! My life is so exciting!

Saturday was the neighborhood yard sale extravaganza. I had $40 burning a hole in my pocket, and I did well with my money. I bought a complete Corningwear cassarole set (six dishes, seven lids – bonus!) all for $10. Then, I walked down the block and bought a beautiful full length mirror, like this for $20:

I am very excited because until this point, I have not been able to view my whole body all at one time! And that can lead to some rather unfortunate work outfits.

I later bought a pair of shoes for fifty cents. I decided that doesn’t count against my shoe moratorium, because they were only fifty cents, and that’s practically free.

My best and final purchase was this:

I’m not sure if you can tell, but it’s a cat climbing tower. At this point, all three cats are in it. After this, there has never been more than one cat at a time in it – but they are all enjoying it. Great deal for $5.

The rest of the weekend was spent in deep domesticity.

I harvested potatoes.

I made & canned beet pickles. I made a lot of jam. I made zucchini-banana bread. I made regular bread. I made peanut butter granola bars.

I made these remarkable little zucchini-potato cakes that were delicious: (They were really delicious.)

I cleaned. I had a delicious dinner:

Darwin supervised:

I did a little gardening Monday, but it was super hot, so I mostly lounged inside. I rearranged some furniture. I watched more Buffy than is probably legal. I drank a beer at noon, just because I could.

Our driveway contractor started work Monday. It was loud. But – now instead of a sidewalk & a curb, we have a big hole!

I’m planning on hitting the gym for the next couple of nights – that and enjoying the company of my newly returned architect. After all that domesticity, I needed a little break. Until, that party I’m having this Saturday. I hope you all like zucchini.

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