In which I answer your questions

To whomever asked google, “Isn’t there anything funny about a martini?”

Short answer: “no.”

Long answer: looking for something funny about martinis is kind of terrible.  What is funny about the sweet perfection to be found in a glass of ice-cold gin, a spritz of vermouth, and a bleu-cheese stuffed olive.  Shame.

3 responses to “In which I answer your questions

  1. is it wrong that I always drink mine dry (aka no vernmouth)? I just like it with icy vodka and olivey goodness…

    • Of course it isn’t wrong to skip the vermouth. I often do so myself – I just have a little spritzer that is fun to use, so I do that when I make them at home. More concerning would be your use of vodka over gin! 🙂

  2. Can I get a gin martini with a side of vodka?

    Better make that a double. It’s only Tuesday! *cries*