Marathon Training – Long Run#1
Marathon Training – Long Run#1

Marathon Training – Long Run#1

I’ve got $12 in my shopping fund as of today.  I did my first “long run” of my official marathon training.  It was 6.16 miles, which isn’t terribly long, but it was the longest run I’ve done since my half marathon over a month ago.

I was attempted to run an 11:30 pace, but I didn’t quite – my average pace was 10:46 (due mostly to miles 1 & 5, which were 10 minute miles).  I feel good, though!  Next weekend I’m in Seattle (yay!) so I’m not sure what I’ll do for my long run.  Maybe I can get it in Friday morning before I leave.

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  1. Ha! I’m just now catching up with you….

    For the record… I didn’t make it to CrazyWeights on Thursday. I overslept and awoke at 5:45, knowing that didn’t give me nearly enough time to caffinate, poop, and get to the gym in time to grab all 186 necessary pieces of equipment for that class. So I ran instead.

    I hope I haven’t hugged you! Haha! I am a touch-y-feel-y type and I may have accidentally hugged or touched you! Perhaps this is why I don’t see you at CrazyWeights anymore? 😉

    Congrats on your marathon training kickoff!

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