For a Monday, this isn’t too bad
For a Monday, this isn’t too bad

For a Monday, this isn’t too bad

I am at old job, today.  Job #2.  I was less than motivated to go this morning.  This is my 2nd to last week at old job, and I am counting down the days until I no longer work on Mondays.  (Monday, July 7 – I’m looking at you!)

However, it’s a beautiful day – and I did get to go for a run with my (soon-to-be-ex-) co-worker, the cheetah.  She did this yesterday because she is crazy, so today, when we ran, we ran together.  (awwwwwwwww…..)  We run at lunch time frequently (or at least we did before I quit), but we didn’t actually run together.  It was more of a leaving at the same time, walking together, doing some stretches, and then starting off at the same time.  Once, we were doing some speedwork, and I kept her in sight for 15 whole minutes!  One of my proudest days.

But today, because she was a little wiped from doing stuff like this:

and this:

we actually ran together the whole distance.  I was a little pushed – which is good – and she got to have a nice, easy run.  It was a good day, and an excellent way to spend my marathon training “rest day”.  hee.

I spent most of yesterday in the kitchen like a good little wifey.  I made a couple dozen waffles – I’m addicted to Eggos in the morning, so decided I would just make my own.  I did blueberry, chocolate chip, and plain.  Yum.  I made a lasagna that I cut up into individual freezer servings for lunches.  I did a delicious bean soup last week that is also parceled out in the freezer.  I also made French onion soup for the architect.  That wasn’t quite as successful, but it wasn’t bad.  Anything with gruyere is better!


  1. Holy wife-ness, that is a lot of cooking!

    I *AM* in town this week, minus weds/thurs….. We must meet for CrazyWeights/and or a run and or coffee (or something stronger!)

    Congrats on keeping up with the Cheetah! Judging by her legs, I would be THRILLED to keep up with her even for a mere minute!

  2. I’ll add ‘hot legs’ as a reason to keep running… Good job keeping up with Cheetah. I’d be stoked just to be able to pass the running gramps at my local trail..

    You are Super Wife. I’m sure the food was much appreciated!

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