It’s a Bright, Sunshiney Day

Isn’t that beautiful?  I am so excited!  I rode my bike to work this morning, and even with the new clip-in pedals, it was almost without incident.

I made it past the two kinda scary places that involve big trucks.  I stopped at all the lights.  I was not run over.  I got my bike on MAX without killing myself or anyone else.  I got my bike off MAX – also safely.  I cruised the 1/10th of a mile from the MAX station to my office.  I stopped my bike.  I could not get my feet out of the pedals.  I ran into a fence.  I didn’t, however, fall down (because of the fence).  My feet FINALLY came out, and I cut my calf on the pedals.  Of course, I don’t do this in front of 10 strangers at Pioneer Square.  Oh, no.  I do it in front of people I work with.  People I see on a regular basis.  (Well, actually only one person, and to his credit, he didn’t even laugh at me.)


But – tonight, I am riding to downtown to meet the architect.  I am planning on sitting outside & having a martini.  And then we will ride our bikes home.

And tomorrow, I am running 10  miles w/ my friend the Cheetah (fast like the animal, not someone who is dishonest).  And then, I am going to prep my garden space.

Sunday brings a 40-mile bike ride, and then some garden planting.

Monday will bring an exciting new announcement.  And probably a short run.

But seriously – did you SEE this?

I’m so glad we’re having a little spring.

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