An end to the cliff-hanger

So – I was offered a new job last Thursday.  And I took it.  It’s really hard to leave my current position – I like most of the people here as well as my boss.  However, the new job has a lot more growth potential (here I’m kinda stagnant) as well as a higher annual salary.  The best part, though?  It’s 3 days a week to start, and then 4 after 3 months or so.  No more 5-day work weeks.

I have really mixed feelings today, because although I’m excited about the new opportunities, I’m also terrified because I’ll be doing something completely different than what I have been doing for the past 7 years.  I think it will be interesting.  I know it will be a HUGE challenge.  And I’m pretty sure it will be good for me.  I also feel a bit guilty about leaving here.  This is only the 2nd time I’ve quit one job for another – and this was MUCH harder.  Although both times it was for similar reasons (and after a similar time-period).


In non-job news, I have some workout reports.

I did my first 10-mile run on Saturday.  I drove up to Vancouver (WA, not BC, obvs) and ran with the Cheetah girl.  She had a lovely route mapped out, and I dutifully wrote all the turns on my arm, so as not to get lost.  And I did so well, until I was less than 1/2 mile from the end.  And then?  the words were kinda sweaty (it was very warm) and I made a wrong turn.  I kept running until I hit 1:53:00 and then I decided that if that wasn’t 10 miles, I didn’t care.  At that point I walked, looking for someone who could give me directions.  My left knee felt all wonky when I finished, and for the rest of the day, but was fine by Sunday.

Saturday afternoon, I cleared out one of my two raised beds and planted it.   The other bed and my front flower-area will have to wait.

Sunday morning, the architect & I did a 40 mile road ride.  The first 20 miles weren’t too bad, but once we turned around, we were riding into a decent wind.  He stayed with me until about mile 15, and then I sent him on ahead.  All in all, it took about 3 hours & 15 minutes to ride that 40 miles, and I was getting pretty wiped out by the end.  I hoping for a tail wind when I do the century ride!

Sunday afternoon was pretty lazy.  We did some light cleaning & then went for calzones & beer.  And then, we lazed some more.  It was pretty much the perfect weekend.  Today is a well-deserved day off, I think.  And tomorrow, I’m back at my weight lifting class at 6 AM.  I’m going for 4,500 calories burned this week!

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