A Very Special Episode of Whine & Cheese

You know, when you quit a job, you aren’t expecting everyone to be all happy that you’re leaving. In fact, you probably want some sadness – after all, where will they find someone like you?

Things one might not expect include irrational anger. Anger which leads to poor decision making. (And the dark side of the force, probably.)

I am having a lot of trouble reconciling pre-quitting attitudes with post-quitting attitudes. And, of course, I don’t want to blog about it too much, because that’s just stupid. I am, however, beginning to regret my generous offer to stay on for a few hours/week until a replacement is hired. It seems that it isn’t really being regarded as an unnecessary and generous offer, and more of a selling myself into indentured servitude.

Ah, well….this too shall pass.

I did make my 6 AM workout this morning, and it kicked my ass. I was saddened by the absence of Hot Thick Chick, as it’s nice to know that someone else is suffering nearly as much as me. (Some of the people in the class kinda scare me – I know they could kill me with one hand.)

I’m either going to do a short run at lunch or elliptical at home tonight – kinda depends on the weather. My knee is still feeling okay, and I skipped all of the jumping lunges this morning in class, but I don’t want to push it too hard and take myself out of the running (ha!) for myhalf marathon which is in 2.5 weeks (ack! so soon!). I want to get in one more long run (10-11 miles) before running 13, and am trying to decide if I go for it this weekend, when I’m still 2 weeks out, or go for it the following weekend – 1 week before the race. Any thoughts?

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