It’s About Damn Time

It’s Friday.

Friday afternoon, to be exact.

It was snowing this morning.  Even in the city.  I drove the architect to work though the blizzard.  (Okay, that was an exaggeration – there was no blizzard – but the snow was starting to stick to the ground!)  Then, it cleared up.  I went running.

Sidenote:  I ran Tuesday & today with my super-fast friend.  She is so great to run with because she is a speedy, speedy monster.  And although she leaves me panting in her dust, I run so much faster with her than I do on my own.  It is very hilly where we run, and Tuesday I ran 10:36 miles, and today I ran 10:22 miles.  When I run on my own in the hills, I’m usually between 11:15 & 11:30 miles.   I think the fact that I remembered my iPod today (and that my new running mix is awesome) were big factors, but chasing a speed demon certainly helps.

And I’m back.  So, on our run, we got hailed on.  Just tiny hail.  Almost sleet-like.  But by the end of the run it was sunny & warm.  Now?  It’s pouring, sunny & hailing.  Spring is confusing.

But, in just over an hour, I can leave here and go fetch the architect.  Then, we will have drinks.  And food.  And it will be the weekend.

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