I Never Could Get the Hang of Thursdays

It started out well enough.  Except for the fact that I can’t sleep past 4AM if my alarm is set for 5:15.  Which is lame.  I would really appreciate that extra hour+ of sleep.  Maybe I’m worried that I’ll oversleep.  ARGHH!

Anyways.  I went to my morning weights class and met a new friend!  It’s weird the first time you meet people from the internets.  It always feels a bit like a Match.com date.  Although I’d have been pissed off if anyone I’d dated from the internet had suggested a 6 AM weight-lifting class.  I’m more of a drinks by the ocean first date kinda girl.  However, since this was not a date, but instead two runner chicks who happen to belong to the same gym kinda meet up, it was less awkward.  Of course, the class was pretty brutal.  I may not be able to lift my arms over my head tomorrow.  Which may be the point.

After class, I went to work – full of pep & vigor and happiness.  I always feel great after working out, and when I do so very early in the morning, I feel great AND morally superior.  And excellent combination.

But a couple incidents at work that I really can’t/shouldn’t talk about put me in a pissy mood and I’ve been stuck there all day.

Plus, it’s been snowing for the last couple of days.  Not in the city itself, but where I work.  And, since I publicly taunted many midwesterners when my flowers were blooming and they were still getting snow, one might argue that I deserve this snow.  And this sub-50 degree weather.  And the distinct lack of sunshine.  And, for arguing that, you would deserve a swift kick in the shins.

Anyways, the combination of the pissy mood & the snow convinced me not to run.  Although, as my co-worker (who couldn’t run today because she hadn’t brought her lunch) pointed out, that’s when I should run.  I think we’ll probably both run tomorrow – no more excuses!  Or something.  I always feel a bit guilty when I skip a planned run, even if I’ve already worked out that day.

Again, as with every Thursday, I will now begin the predictable whining about having to work 5 days in a row.  In order to potentially shorten tomorrow, I’m going to take MAX again.  So I may not be in until noon.  Hard to say.  At least it will be Friday.  Perhaps an investment in a pocket flask would help me through these long, long weeks.

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