I am one sick person…

Or at least I was.  Friday morning I woke up with a headache.  I didn’t think too much of it – sometimes one has a headache.  I was planning on running at lunch & hitting happy hour with my coworkers before going home to meet my friend & her husband that were coming in to town that night.

At 10, I felt a little odd.

By 11, I was home.

The weekend was terrible.  I ached & was dizzy & everytime I moved too rapidly (i.e. faster than a snail’s pace) I had uncomfortable heart-beating sensations.

My friends stayed in a hotel – and really, although I feel a bit guilty, I’m sure it’s better than everyone having the sick for their vacation.

Saturday evening, I went out to dinner w/ said friends (and the architect, of course).  We walked to a place about 5 blocks away.  Then, the kids got sooo tired that they had to be chauffeured back home.  I totally could have made it back, and nothing will convince me to state otherwise.

Sunday, I again did nothing.  Since it was Day 3 of the nothing (I got through 1 1/2 seasons of Buffy in 4 days), I was getting a little antsy.  I made the architect go on a walk with me.  We walked about a mile.  In about 40 minutes.  I guess all my speed boasts from last week are coming back to kick me in the ass.

Yesterday, I did some more nothing.  Well, I was a little more active yesterday.  I did 25 minutes of yoga in the morning…very easy yoga.  I think that DVD will never be played again.   In the afternoon, I ran the most painful 3 miles of my life.  My first 5K hurt less than yesterday (although it was still slower than yesterday).  Then, some more gentle stretches.

Today, I am back at work.  Not only that, I even made it to the gym at 6 AM for the lift class.  My arms & abs better be hot soon. (My friend that I usually go with has been to two classes and she already has definition in her abs.   I’m sure I do, too, it’s just hidden under than insulating layer of fat.  She doesn’t have that.  Probably why she’s always cold.  I’m working really hard not to hate her too much.)

I’m going to do another easy run tonight, I think.  I do have 9 miles to run on Sunday – and I’m hoping I’ll be ready.  I know I can do it, I just want to do it in under 1:45.

So – how’s your week?  Do you want to hear about my righteous (or not) indignation with Title 9 sportswear?  More shoes?  More running (ha! like that’s possible).  More pictures of my cats?

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