I am not meant for this life

This morning, I travelled for about 1.5 hours and still wasn’t at work.  I was downtown with a bunch of other people who were also not at work.  Why?  Well, a train broke down on the tracks in Beaverton, preventing west-bound MAX traffic.  One woman that got off that had apparently been having a rather rough go of it as well said, “I’ve been trying to go to work for almost two hours.   I give up.  I’m going home.”  And I thought, “We can do that?”

But I didn’t.  I called my boss & told her I was running late (and why).  And then, I had a lightbulb moment.  My co-worker friend was likely not yet at work.  And, she would have to come somewhere in the vicinity of where I was.  Perhaps she could pick me up.  And she did!

So, I got to work.  And then I went to a luncheon.  And then we had a work birthday party.  So, I’ve done very little actual work.  I was muchly looking forward to leaving work & having drinks with the architect, but he just called in sick (with me – he’s at work), so now, no drinks for me AND I get to take the damn public transportation home again.  It worked so much better before I moved – but the area in which I live seems to be a black hole suck of transportation.  The bus I prefer only shows up ever 30 minutes or so (if it feels like it), and the frequent service bus is frequently late, which means I almost always miss my MAX connection.  And the Yellow Line?  I don’t think it has a schedule (transit tracker certainly won’t admit to one, anyways).

I really enjoyed taking the public transportation when I first moved here, but not from my current neighborhood.  It is such a pain in my ass.  Why take 2 hours (one-way) to commute with a bunch of smelly strangers when I can drive in 20 minutes?  is the money saved on fuel really worth 1 hr & 40 minutes (each way)?  (I must say that even if the planets align, this commute is still pretty close to 70 minutes.)

So now I’m cranky and full of sugar and no martinis in sight.

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