So, last night I went to my Wednesday night workout. I haven’t been since before Thanksgiving, due that small problem I had with falling down the stairs (in a related incident, I fell down over the weekend on the new hardwood floors, into a pile of wood, and now my legs are pretty, in a black & blue way). I have, however been running & yoga-ing a bit over the last couple of weeks, so I knew I was ready for my workout. So certain of my readiness, that I told a coworker that I would run with her today. I lied. Today, I hurt all over (in such a good way).

So coming up:

2/9/08 – Worst Day of the Year ride (should I do 18 miles or the 40 mile challenge loop? My gut says 18 mi, my co-worker says 40….but she’s a little crazy….)

3/16/08 – Shamrock 15K

4/6/08 – Race for the Roses 1/2 marathon

6/8/08 – Danskin Triathlon in Austin, TX

7/12 – 7/13 – Seattle to Portland (maybe) bike ride

8/2/08 – All Women’s Triathlon

Fall/Winter 2008 – maybe a marathon. maybe in Athens or Honolulu (or, if funds get tight, Portland)

So obviously, I’m not completely discouraged by my sore muscles. Happy working out!

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