It’s Friday!

Which is nice. I’m looking forward to a relaxing-ish weekend. I’m hoping it will dry out enough that I can get my bulbs planted on Sunday.

Tomorrow, I’m going to work out at this crazy boot-camp like experience where I hope no one yells at me and tells me to drop and give ’em 20, because my upper body strength is…well…actually not really strength. Which is why I’m going. I just hope no one makes me cry.

I have a lot of clothes to return because they are too big and I am very silly, buying clothes that are too big.

I would like to sleep in on Sunday morning and spend Saturday evening curled up in blankets listening tot he rain.

I do have a visit to the vet on Saturday – I hope that’s not too traumatic, but my baby (even though he’s all better now) needs a checkup.

I have some cleaning to do, but nothing too major. I do need to make a website for AAUW.

Stupid Amy taking on obligations she doesn’t really want to do.

Two weeks from tomorrow, I’ll be in LA. Please keep some sunshine for me. Also? We will be having Mexican food at every meal. Just so you know. I would like a burrito. And some fajitas. And some enchiladas, and you can’t have all those in one meal – I don’t think.

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