So Much More Meaningful Than My September Shopping Moratorium

Protest the War

All the cool kids are doing it.

What happened to the 2006 campaign promises about making sure things start to happen?

Where’s the promised strong Democratic leadership?

Think you can’t make a difference? You certainly can’t with that attitude.

Even if all you do is a silent protest with a black armband today and every third Friday until this damn war is over, and our troops (those same ones Congress and our Beloved President claim to support by leaving them to fight and die in Iraq) are home.

Maybe you’re not yet sick enough of the war. Maybe you don’t know anyone who has lost someone due to the war. Maybe you don’t care about the lives and mental health of our troops. Maybe you don’t care about the Iraqi civilians. In that case, maybe you’re reading the wrong blog. Please leave now.

Everyone else? Do something.

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