Too Good to be True

I knew that whole “posting every day” thing was too ambitious. But – it’s only Tuesday and already, I am posting again!

I upload all my pics to Flickr on Sunday, so now I can share the photo love with you all….so without further ado, the photos!

Going back to Bastille Day, and the 1st mixology contest, we have the Pink Zebras.

Mine is the pink one on the right. Please also note the lovely blue, white & red cheese/blueberry/cherry plates in the background. We’re all about the French.

At Pix, celebrating the storming of the Bastille: Crystal on the left, and Bianca (my drink nemesis & co-worker) on the right.

The architect (in the middle in the green shirt) finishing the STP on7/15/07.

Claire(0n the right) and I in Chicago at the giant bean thing in Millenium Park.

heh. They’re getting spit on.

The Gehry amphitheater thing…so pretty, but so obviously a Gehry design.

What a good-looking group of people! And is that Oprah in the background? No? Well, good, then.

Shoes….mmmm…..I may have actually purchased one pair. But that’s it! I am a model of self-discipline.

At the Air Museum in Tillamook….post cheese & ice cream.

My parents at Cape Meares.

Japanese Gardens in Portland

Rose Garden

Bianca & Jill at our Housecooling party.

The Dancing Monkeys – for Round 2 of the mixology contest (I’m pretty sure I won this round….). Please note the animal themed dixie cups!

And now, a warning. The next photo is not for the faint of heart. It can cause nightmares!

Behold, the decorative apples of doom!

The green one on the far left has apple peelers for legs and actually has been partially peeled.

I know, I know – but don’t be a jealous hater.

So – thus endeth my photo essay.

Sunday, after our party, I did nothing. I lounged about all day. It was the first time in a really long time that I’ve done that – and it was awesome.

Yesterday, I went to my first spin class. I’m a bit sore today. Just a bit of ow. Tonight, I’m headed to yoga.

And tomorrow? I have a public speaking engagement. With handouts. Which is what I’m working on right now. As I procrastinate. Because if I don’t work on my handouts, then tomorrow will never come, right? Excuse me while I go throw up a little bit.

So – hopefully I will not die of intense dread and/or humiliation and we can have some shoe porn tomorrow.

And – if my brief photo essay was not enough for you, please feel free to check out ALL 1300 photos online at Flickr. If it’s a good photo, the architect took it. I lay claim to all the others.

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