Two days in a row. It’s a wonder what running queries and exports can do for my time availability.

I’m not sure that there’s anything to report. I got home at about 9:30 last night. The architect rolled in at about 10. I was in bed less than an hour after getting home.

As far as I know, my parents are still wandering about – or if they’re not, I haven’t heard any differently.

Tonight, we are going to see Viva Voce, which should be pleasant. If I stay awake that long, that is. Tomorrow is our house-cooling party. Which I’m looking forward to, in the way where I’m not. I always forget how much I hate parties.

Ummm….that’s it, I guess. My last query is running.

Oh – wait! I did think of something. I have been doing virtually no writing lately. I’ve been working too many hours and making too many excuses. So, I registered for a class this fall. That’ll show me! I’ll write if I’ve paid someone to make me write.

Work is kicking my ass, though. A word of advice – never take a job that has a “\” in the title (ex: Membership Manager\Development Coordinator or Professor\Secretary, or my job).

Happy weekend.

And thanks for the virtual boquet this morning – that brightened my morning 🙂

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