Is It Wrong?
Is It Wrong?

Is It Wrong?

that the first thing I’d do upon winning the lottery (that I don’t play) or inheriting a fortune (from that rich relative that I don’t know about) is buy a pair of Christian Louboutins?

Before paying off my debts.

Before gifting my parents and sister with money.

Before donating to charity like a good girl.

I would buy shoes:

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  1. I’ve heard a shoe fund works well. You know, like glamour-incentivisers. You give up your star bucks for a year. Remembering to drop the money in a jar. And at the end of x months. Voila.

    I’ve been on a shoe diet for 24 months and am now forgoing carbs and starbucks myself for a certain pair of nude Choos. I’ve six months to go by my latest calculations. (To be honest I doubt I’ll ever get there though. I like the four bucks too much)

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