General Whining

My life is good.

My house is good.

My marriage is good.

I have a good job with a decent salary and a supportive boss.

So what’s the problem?

I don’t know. I feel….lacking in something. I am tired of being tired when I get home. I’m tired of getting home at 8 PM and making dinner and cleaning up. I’m tired of not seeing my husband except for the 30 minutes that our schedules overlap in the evening. I’m tired of a 2-hour round-trip commute by public transportation.

I need to take the next step, but don’t quite know how.

I have ideas. Just not the confidence.

I wish I could just take the plunge without the fear.

I wish I had more expendable income.

I’m not sure if the idea and the income will come together.

I am grumpy and whiny and just need a swift kick in the ass so I can go back to being happy and satisfied with my life.

And I should be happy. This morning, when I stepped on the scale I was in a whole new weight decade – a group of numbers I haven’t EVER seen (except for briefly during my freshman year of college when I was on my way up).

Blah. At least it’s Friday.

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