I have arrived!

I am in Chicago – and at my hotel. After an exciting day of having my flight cancelled and then not knowing when I would get to leave Portland.

I did get some contact info from a guy in a bar in the PDX airport. Although, I think he thought I was much younger than I am (he kept telling me that it was amazing that someone so young had seen so much of the world and telling me that I would be “off the hook” on the party circuit in Chicago) – and since he was much older than I am, that was a bit odd.

But, he was nice and relatively intelligent. Oh – and he bought me a drink, so a big winner there!

But, now I am here, waiting for a friend to show up at the hotel so we can go out to dinner – so yay!

I have a full few days planned and am hoping that I’m not completely exhausted by the end of it.

So far, my impression of Chicago is that it is smoggy.

My impression of the United phone customer service people? They are all asshats.

The United people at the actual airport? Are wonderful. An older gentleman checked me in and, when I asked for a cookie for my trouble, got me on standby for an earlier flight, meaning that I arrived in Chicago at 7-ish instead of 10ish. (Although not at 5ish as was the original plan.)

The Sheraton people are also pretty nice, even though I have to switch rooms on Friday.

There are a lot of pretty brick buildings between the airport and the hotel – and those were just what I could see out of the taxi window.

I’m looking forward to meeting/seeing everyone here. Also, learning.

It’s totally gonna be off the hook.

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