ha!  happy beltaine all….   I am celebrating by watching pole dancing (which just sounds dirty when you put it that way) and belly dancing and having a drink with some coworkers.

I did a wussy run today – only about 2 miles 🙁  I’m all blistery on my left arch and my right ankle/shin area are sore.  I definitely need new running socks.  Not sure what to do about the ankle soreness other than more stretching and some icing tonight.  Trying to decide if I run on Thursday (another 2-3 miler) or if I should rest and save myself for Sunday’s 10K.  Opinions?  Medical advice?

Today is a much more productive work day, although I discovered that I am doing a training next Tuesday – and I don’t feel prepared.  And, by discovered, I mean that I knew it was next Tuesday in my head, but still refused to believe that it was sneaking up on me so quickly.

All scattered – must finish 30 minutes of work in 15 minutes so I can have a ride to the bar!

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