Life is good

I am so unfocused today – I am having trouble getting anything useful accomplished.

Friday afternoon, on my bus ride home, I went by a yoga studio, and am very excited to check it out on Wednesday – I’ve been looking for a convenient yoga studio to take up the yoga-ing again.

Friday evening, the architect and I had drinks and dinner on our front porch – it was a beautiful evening and was so nice to sit outside…I’d really missed the balcony we had in LA.

Saturday we finished painting my office and painted the bedroom – they both turned out nicely. We also went back to the old apartment to do a final walk-through – which was good, because I’d left all my mixing bowls there.

Then, we went to Hawthorne and did some antiquing. We came home with a dining room table & five chairs that are decent. They need to be refinished & reupholstered, but are certainly passable for now.

We made some baked nachos and watched “From Hell” and had a mellow evening.

Sunday, the architect went for a 2.5 hour mountain bike ride, and I went for a run. I ran 5.23 miles (Map My Run is a very cool thing) in 62 minutes. I think that gives me a 11.85 mile – so I’m definitely improving. I was pretty wiped at the end of the run, but could’ve gone another mile if there’d been a finish line, I think. I feel really good about my 10K on Sunday.

Sunday evening, I went bowling with the architect and a bunch of work people. I sucked…I bowled 56 the first game & 68 the 2nd…we didn’t get to finish our 3rd, and my story is that was the one that was going to be great! It was fun, though – not sure why I couldn’t throw a bowling ball…maybe my legs were tired.

Last night we slept on our new bed in our master bedroom for the first time – it’s really starting to feel like home. We also found some wood floors that are beautiful for only $2.49/sq ft, and are thinking of making the purchase. It would be so nice to replace the main floor carpet.

Today, the traffic was rather heinous (I drove today due to my naturopathy appointment tonight)…although probably not as bad as it is the Bay Area.

I’m just having trouble being all data-basey today. Too easily distracted or something.

(I just did a spell-check, and everywhere I used “ing” it’s highlighted…that’s weird, right?)

Life is good.

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