So Much Stuff

So many things to report.

Friday, I woke up with a migraine. Which sucked. But, because I am a trooper, I went to work. I left shortly after noon, because working on computers with a migraine sucks.

So, I went home and moaned theatrically until the architect got home. Then, we got in the car and drove 3.5 hours to Lynnwood, WA. And I got to meet a friend from inside the computer! I met Kris & her man, and the four of us went for martinis & dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory. It was so much fun, but since we both had to drive more, the evening had to end. 🙁

The architect & I drove to South Seattle and stayed with a friend of his from college days. The next morning, we toured Seattle. It was the fastest walking tour of any city EVER! I don’t have any pictures, because we didn’t stop long enough to do anything. And we did the cheapest tour, ever, which meant we couldn’t pay for parking. Or for buses. Or good food. Or anything.

We visited Pike’s Place, which seemed nice. Then to the library, which I thought was hella cool. After the library we walked eleventy-billion miles, though Pioneer Square, and then to somewhere south of the Safeco Stadium. After that, we drove to UW, and parked far, far away from the campus, and walked to the campus (even after I volunteered to pay for parking on campus, if the occasion should arise). We did see the very cool campus library, and then walked seventeen thousand blocks back to the car.

Then, we went back to Brad’s friend’s and I took a nap. The friend did redeem himself by taking us to a really fun pizza pub for dinner (I paid for dinner) that had delicious pizza, excellent beer, and very good berry crisp for dessert.

Since I’d been up for almost 20 hours on Friday, I crashed pretty hard Saturday night. Sunday morning, we drove back downtown and met another friend of the architect’s for breakfast. This friend (Marianne) was actually the real reason for the trip – she’s getting married on Sunday! She & her soon-to-be-husband just moved into an awesome loft downtown, and it was so pretty, I almost tried to hide myself in their place so I could live there, too.

We went to Mitchelli’s and had a tasty Italian breakfast. After touring Marianne’s studio, it was time to take off.

We had a leisurely drive back – driving through the St. Helens area, and looking at all the pretty mountains through there.

My biggest disappointment (besides not actually getting to look at ANYTHING on Saturday, because God smites all loiterers) was that I didn’t get to see Mt. Ranier. I have been assured that it is not a myth – a giant mountain does in fact exist outside of Seattle – but I’m reserving judgement.

I can’t wait to visit Seattle again – on my own agenda, perhaps. It was a great city, and I’m not sure I would’ve chosen Portland over Seattle if we’d visited both at the same time (until I looked at home prices, anyways).

A busy week awaits…tomorrow we sign all the closing paperwork. Friday, we get the keys. Saturday we move. Sunday, we clean the old place, and then I’ll start to feel moved in, I hope.


Pictures soon, I hope!

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