Almost Homeowners

and I hear the collective sigh of relief….soon maybe I’ll talk about something else! Like home decorating…or gardening…or tricks to keep those darn kids off my lawn!

Wait, come back! I was just kidding. Soon, I’ll return to the real important things in life. Shoes and what I overheard on the bus this morning.

(see….shoes: Naughty Monkey! )

In the meantime, just so you know, my hand did NOT fall off this morning, even after signing enough pieces of paper to destroy an entire forest. Everything is set, it seems. We get the keys on Friday. I keep fighting the fear that something will go wrong and we won’t get the house. I think that, by this point, if the loan wasn’t going to go through, or if the seller’s were going to back out, someone would have mentioned it.

….so, come back tomorrow for an exciting new banner image AND exciting new shoe porn. I promise.

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