House Update (and train overheards)

(Although no shoes today, so that may or may not be good.)

We went for our final walk through last night (I don’t really have any pictures – but there will be more pictures than you can handle next week, I promise). The house had been cleaned earlier that day. Full of lemony-freshness, it was. I wish it hadn’t been. I felt all yucky after.

Interesting story, though…the sellers, who are in the process of splitting up, and have (I think) an infant and an eight-year old. Also, he’s been in and out of the hospital with some unknown gastro-intestinal issues (yes, I snoop….if you leave your medical records out for me to read, I will read them). So, the man is the only one still in the house. And yesterday, they were to sign their papers. Apparently he had a breakdown while signing. He cried and refused to sign and move out of the house.

Fortunately, he eventually pulled it together…and signed. Now, we’re just waiting to hear from the title company that the docs have been filed, and everything’s official. We get the keys b/w 5:30 & 6:00 tonight…and we’re headed over with the kitties for a slumber party at the new place! We will move the majority of our stuff tomorrow.

And now for something completely different: interesting public transportation news. Last night on MAX, there were two guys, probably about 19 or so. And also, two girls, probably about 15 or 16. One of the girls really wanted a love connection with one of the guys, and every time she talked, I cringed with embarrassment for her.

She told a story about how this guy friend of hers “made out with her ear” while watching tv. Then, when cute train guy said she had tiny ears, that was all the encouragement she needed. She started giggling, and then just started talking. About making out. And I’m glad that her life is still more “making out” than “getting it on” but the giggling….it was incessant. And the “I would make out with another girl if you wanted to watch,” and the giggling. His responses kept getting shorter and shorter, and her logorrhea kept getting more and more out of control.

Her friend kept trying to shut her up, and by the time the girls exited the train, the guys weren’t even responding anymore. I hope that she doesn’t feel all humiliated when she realizes that she asked a strange guy if a) he’d ever “frenched a girl’s nose” and then b) if he wanted to lick the inside of her ears.

Poor little teenage girls. I am so happy I am long past that stage.

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