Crazy Mondays

First of all, I think we should have a moment of silence to be happy that the architect is okay.  Because someone cut the brake line on his motorcycle.  Which is evil.  However, since the perpetrator was merely vandal-evil and not malicious-evil, they did enough damage (by stealing a part) that the architect did not attempt to ride said motorcycle.  However, it’s going to be fun & expensive to fix.  ‘Cause why not?

However, my Monday isn’t too bad.  I had an awesome run – which is good, because yesterday’s 5K didn’t so much go.  Perhaps breaking in a new pair of shoes by running 3 miles in them isn’t the best idea I’ve ever had.  But whatever, I ran yesterday, and then had an awesomely painful run today.  I ran up the vertical hill near my work.  The hill I swore I would never run up again because it kicked my ass and made me its bitch last time.

Today – I ran up that hill again, and again, it kicked my ass.  However, I did escape before anything else happened.  And, I was able to keep running without feeling as though I was in any immediate danger from passing out.

And when I got back from my run, I had a happy email waiting that said that the Raiser’s Edge patch that I’ve been waiting for (with increasing amounts of desperation) is finally ready for download.

AND I had an email from FootTraffic – that was super nice, and they offered me 20% off my next purchase, and a personal fitting from one of the owners – so that was very very cool.  They did handle it very well.  Since my issue with the experience was more the customer service and less the ability to return my shoes (I went to the store expecting to have to do an exchange…and left completely pissed off because the store manager was a condescending asshat), I am happy with the resolution.  Although, I still love Fit Right NW more.

AND (as if all that goodness wasn’t enough) I found out that my last pair of shoes from Shoe Buying extravaganza 2007 has been delivered.  So many exciting things.

To recap:

1) The architect = not dead (or even injured)

2) Awesome, awesome run

3) Database will soon be worthy of love again

4) Shoes!!!

Yesterday, the architect went for a bike ride while I was on my run (although his 4.25 hour ride totally outlasted my run), and when I got home, I started reading about the STP – the road ride that he’s training for.  And then, I got all jealous (because I am an overambitious hater) and started browsing Craigslist for road bikes.  ‘Cause I can totally ride two centuries in two days three months from now.  Or maybe, because I have a death wish.  So – if anyone has a good road bike for a shortie (I’m about 5’2″ – my mt bike is 16″, I think) that they want to gift me or sell me for really cheap, I’d love to buy it.  Please – contribute to my insanity. 🙂

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