Why I Live in Portland

The weekend was amazing. Although it’s grey and dreary now (and was pouring this morning), Saturday made up for it. I went running for the first time since I got sick in January – and it was good. The weather was perfect. Clear, sunny, on the verge of warm…and from the top point of my run around the golf course, the view to Mt. Hood was stunning.

Saturday afternoon was not as much outside – but we got a 2nd mortgage rate quote (better than the 1st!), and then ran some errands – including a long overdue trip to Target.

Sunday was mellow – while the architect was out on a 5 hour bike ride, I cleaned, used the elliptical, and vegged out on the computer.

Monday was even better – more cleaning, more elliptical-ing, and more vegging. I love me a three-day weekend.

I feel terrific – better than I’ve felt in a long time. I’m looking forward to a great week, and a good couple of months coming up. My V-Day flowers, which somehow got lost, should arrive either today or tomorrow, too….so this week is definitely looking better than last week, which was not the most fun ever.

I’m working on a narcotic-free week, and am feeling pretty positive about getting there! My only worry is that I won’t be martini-ready by Friday night (when the birth-weekend festivities will begin at my favorite place to get a martini in Portland…..although I would be ecstatic if they would carry more than one kind of martini olive, because I hate the almond-stuffed one. Blue cheese stuffed olives [or even unstuffed] would be ever so much better. Maybe I’ll just bring my own.)

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