Good weekend updates

It was a very good weekend. I even have a restaurant review!

Friday evening, I met the architect at Screen Door (2337 E Burnside) for some southern food. As I was waiting, I had a Back Porch Lemonade (vodka & lemonade with muddled sage). It was very good, and was rather soothing on my upset tummy. We started with an appetizer of Hush Puppies. I thought they were fine, although due to my fried food restriction, I didn’t have very much. The architect said they were under-cooked, and since he is a Southern boy, I believed him.

I had the screen door plate – which is a combination of three sides/organics and a piece of cornbread. My sides were 1) red beans & rice, 2) mashed sweet potatoes, and 3) the beets with blood oranges and goat cheese from the local organic menu. The red beans & rice were, unfortunately too spicy and too meaty for me to finish – but they were tasty. The sweet potatoes were almost perfect, but the beets? The beets were a little slice of heaven. I cannot wait to plant some beets in my new garden. And a goat, for the cheese. I’m sure the goat will grow well here. The cornbread was rather unfortunate. I didn’t eat more than one bite of that – it was a huge disappointment. Even the architect, who grew up with his mother’s signature cornbrick, was not impressed with the dry, flavorless cornbread.

The architect had the fish special and enjoyed it immensely. The fish was light, flaky and flavorful, if a little bony.

For dessert, I had the waitress-recommended chocolate-raspberry martini. It was beautiful.

Overall, the meal was excellent. The couple disappointments were more than overshadowed by the rest of the wonderful meal. So, for an appetizer, two entrees, and two drinks apiece, we spent about $60.00. Which is a bit more than we’d like, but definitely worth it. The space was excellent, as well – and they filled up quickly. I arrived at about 6:30 and by 7:15 people were waiting for tables. The service was a bit slow, but super friendly, so it wasn’t too irritating. Great place for some southern food – a rating of 7.5 out of 10 seems appropriate.

Saturday was a day of house-looking. It was a crazy day, we some some wonderful places. And some not-so-wonderful places. Things may be happening. I can no longer talk about it for fear of jinxing.

Saturday afternoon, the architect and I drove to St. Johns and wandered about for a bit. We got burritos at Ole Ole, and were pleasantly surprised by the tastiness. However, since I had not brought my ox bile, I suffered for it later.

Sunday was laundry day. I cannot wait for the day when I don’t need to hoard quarters and can only do laundry on weekends, because the complex laundry room is closed after 8 PM. Sunday was also tax day. And if I had known my birthday (which is in 12 days – just so you all know), they would be safely filed and the bank accounts would be patiently waiting for the refund. I’ve never gotten a refund before. I really like being married. I get to cash in on the husband’s student loan deduction.

I’m sure more things happened – but I don’t remember what they are, and they probably weren’t important. What is important is that I’m feeling very good, and will be running again next Monday.

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