Can’t Wait to be a Homeowner

Yesterday when I got home, there was a note taped to my door. It was from a pest-control company. Apparently my building management has hired exterminators because someone has roaches. They are coming at an undisclosed time on Friday (yes, this Friday) and we have to remove everything from our closets and cupboards by then, as well as make sure there are no living things in our apartment during, and for at least two hours after.

So – what does one do with their cats on a business day with less than 4 days notice? And what if we were out of town this week? (If we don’t follow the directions, we will be charged a minimum of $50)

Also? how do they exterminate? Chemicals. Lots and lots of chemicals. Who’s allergic? Yes, indeed. That would be me.

I appreciate that roaches are a problem, and if someone has them, it won’t be long before we all have them….so even though I haven’t seen a single roach, it’s good to get rid of them, but I wish there had been more notice, or a safer way to deal with all of this. We’ll probably have to get a hotel room Friday night because I just can’t sleep in the apartment after the chemicals have been sprayed around.

Fortunately, a coworker offered her home on Friday for the cats – so at least they’ll be okay. But still….I’m pissed.

So – how’s everyone else?

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