Good Friday
Good Friday

Good Friday

Although not necessarily in the religious sense.

Tomorrow is my birthday.

There will be a martini in 45 minutes.

I had a fruit/cream cheese tart at work today.

I survived the most stressful week in a good long time.

I have pretty tulips on my desk.

Our house offer was accepted, and barring complications during the inspection process, we will be homeowners (pictures to follow after the inspection).

Tomorrow is my birthday.

Tomorrow is also Saturday.

Work is over in 10 minutes.


  1. steph

    Amy, so sorry for not calling on Saturday. I don’t even have a good excuse…Marse even asked if I had called you yet when I talked to her in the afternoon.


    and congrats on the new place. can’t wait to see the pictures!

  2. e.

    God, I just got out of a PAINFUL online class, and I came over here looking for some porn. Where is the porn?

    Realted, I just got really fabulous cowboy boots the othe r day. Sadly, I need to send them back for a smaller size, but when you’re pushing the two digit shoe sizes, who says a small size is SAD?

    Hope you are well and the porn is missing because you were having a lovely time doing something else!

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