Not bad, for a Monday…

This running thing is really a lot of fun. Today was the best run yet – it was about 46 degrees and foggy. I wish it could be like that every day. Later this week is supposed to be horrendous – and I’ve already told my running partner that I do not run when it’s below freezing. Because that’s just wrong. I just hope my elliptical comes soon – so I can keep up with that when it’s too cold to run (also below freezing seems wrong – no one told me that I would have 17 degree lows).

The weekend was fairly uneventful. The architect and I checked out a local pub on Friday night. My soup was good, the rest of the meal was relatively unimpressive. His sandwich, however, was very good, and it came with tater tots – and they were awesome. Also, a good beer selection – although it was a bit smokier than I prefer – we smelled bad when we got home.
Saturday was a day of errands – Michael’s for yarn, Target for organizational bins for the architect (we watch Clean Sweep every Saturday morning, and then get inspired to be more organized), pick up the dry cleaning, get the groceries, eat some tasty lunch.

Sunday I was at the library – and it was fun. I love working with the books. Sunday afternoon was spent watching Buffy and playing computer games – a regular Sunday afternoon.

Today – back at work. All of my Friday appointments were cancelled, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be picking up my car on Friday and going to the DMV (the joys!) for a license and other essentials. It’ll be nice to have the day to sit around and shiver under five million blankets. There is a possibility that we’ll be meeting with a mortgage lender in the afternoon, but that’s still unconfirmed.

And – a general announcement – I don’t think my holiday cards are going out this year, although now I have a head start on addressing for next year – so none of you whose last names begin with A-F better move before next December.

And – I still have two housewarming gifts to send, one holiday gift, and a bunch of phone calls to make. I hate calling people. I thought about making a New Year’s resolution that I would call my friends more, but I am a fan of the realistic resolution.

I’ve started tracking my food again, and was a bit aghast at how little time it takes for the daily calorie count to creep up into unacceptable territory. Time to whittle those numbers back down before they start showing up on the scale (I shudder to think what the count looked like the last two weeks of December when there were plates of cookies outside my office every day).

So – happy week, everyone.

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