I feel good (I knew that I would)

ha ha ha

I just finished my 2nd work-lunch hour run with my coworker, and I feel awesome. I ran the same route as last time, but this time, there was no walking (although I did stop briefly to die a little after I successfully made it up the big big hill). My running partner lied when she said she was slow – she’s still quite a bit faster than me, but it’s nice to have someone to run with, even if I spent the first half of the run staring at her quickly disappearing back.

Now, of course, I’m starving. Since we don’t run until 1 PM (I have a flexible lunchhour time, she does not), I need to start bringing a healthy mid-morning snack. I am, however, having a cup of soup (clam chowder) and a half chicken caesar salad for lunch. Not super healthy, but better than the fish & chips I was briefly tempted by. There is a sugar cookie for dessert – I deserve it.

Tonight, there will be Indian Food – and I am excited. Last night, I went out with a co-worker to a fun little bar in the Hawthorne area and then, there were belly dancers. It was very very cool. Some day I’d like to teach my hips to move independently of the rest of me. The bar we went to was very nice, and the drinks were tasty – just not especially strong. Which was really okay. I had an exciting adventure, too, on the way home. I had to take three whole buses to get home. And I managed it just fine – although I was cold when I finally got home.

So – looking forward to the weekend, although we have nothing planned really. Which is kinda nice.

Happy weekend everyone!

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