I have joined a prestigious group of international Pie Field Researchers (PFR™). This illustrious group was founded by Claire, an eminent Chicagoan and blogger. Also, she has excellent taste in music. And in pie.

So, instead of wedding cake after my wedding dinner, we had pie. That is because we ate the wedding cake before my wedding dinner, and needed the second dessert bookend. So, at Widmer Brothers, a fun German restaurant that we went to for our wedding dinner (because it is fun, and I passionately adore Spaetzle), they have only one kind of pie.

Key Lime:

I don’t have any strong feelings for or against Key Lime Pie, but the architect loves it. Key Lime is his very favorite kind of pie in the whole world. The only thing that could even come close would probably be Pecan. I am going to attempt to make a pecan pie for Thanksgiving, because I am the best little wife in the world. (ha!)

So – the review:

There were raves from the architect and his father – although they both claimed that the archidad (hee) could make better Key Lime Pie. I thought the crust was excellent – just the right amount of flaky – but through the filling too sweet. My parents had a couple of bites each, and enjoyed it, although my father is definitely more of a Lemon Meringue fan. My sister had quite a few bites and seemed to like it a lot.

The presentation was lovely – it was definitely an attractive pie. However, I really do wish that I’d gone with the berry cobbler instead. The best part was trying to explain to everyone why they really needed to take a picture of the pie (I’d forgotten my camera). In the end, they did (obviously), but I think that everyone agreed (yet again) that I’m a special kind of crazy, and gave thanks that the architect will put up with me.

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