Weekend Update

I’m such a tease – I still have no pictures to post. I’m sure you’ll all soldier on somehow.

I had a pretty busy weekend – even without the 5K.

Friday evening is evolving into a fun date night – the architect and I meet downtown, find an interesting place for dinner, and then find another interesting place for a cocktail.

Last Friday, before meeting the architect, I made another foray into Nordstrom Rack, this time finding a suit that was within my budget and that I could buy in two separate pieces. I was also able to get the pants hemmed over the weekend, which was nice.

The architect and I had dinner at Peemkaew. I thought the food was good and not too overpriced. We had the tofu satay to start, and the peanut dipping sauce was delicious – quite spicy. Then I had the green curry (mmmm…eggplant) with tofu. It was not as spicy as I would’ve liked, but still quite good. The array of veggies in the curry was excellent. The architect had Lemon Grass Chicken off the “Very” Specials menu – and judging from the lack of food remaining on his plate, he also enjoyed his dinner.

After dinner, we headed to the Portland City Grill for martinis.

The view was spectacular:

but the martinis were not as exciting. The martinis I had last week were much, much better. All in all, a good evening – the dinner certainly beat last week’s Greek food, but the martinis came in a distant, distant second.

Saturday, I headed to the Convention Center ALL BY MYSELF! to pick up my race number & shirt. I wandered around and grabbed all the free stuff I could.

Saturday evening, the architect and I met the officiate for our wedding. We both really like him, in spite of the fact that he suggested we meet at a Taco Bell.

We didn’t eat at Taco Bell, though, but took the opportunity to go across the street and eat at Gustav’s. I’d seen ads for it all over the MAX, and I love German food, so I was pretty excited.

The schnitzel was pretty average, and the mashed potatoes were sub-par. The beer was excellent. I had an Oktoberfest seasonal ale. The architect was coerced into yodeling into a microphone, and won the yodeling contest, bringing home a lovely beer glass and a bottle opener. The lentil soup was really good – and that was the best part of the meal. The service was excellent, though – and you can’t fault the enthusiasm of the entertainment. Any place with an accordion player is a good place.

Ummm…apparently I mostly ate this weekend.

But it was good.

Last night I was pretty much asleep by 9:00, and I’m still tired tonight – waking up at 5 certainly didn’t help with the resting.

Also – I think I’m going to run another 5K in the middle of October…just to keep me motivated!

That pretty much covers everything, I think. If I didn’t anything else over the weekend, I’m pretty sure you don’t need to know about it!

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