So many posts….so little energy

I feel that everything’s gone into hyperdrive lately.

I had a great weekend, but it was full.

It’s only Tuesday, but I feel like it’s Thursday.

I’m running a 5K on Sunday. (Feel free to support my “Race for the Cure“)

And so –

1) The weekend.

Friday after work, I went downtown to meet the architect. Since I got downtown by 5, and wasn’t meeting him until 6, I killed some time at Nordstrom Rack and picked up a couple great shirts for work for less than $40. Which was very cool, as I am getting to the point where I’m going to have to start going to work naked soon. (I also bought a suit from for less than $100, which was a 70% discount or something like that. I hope it fits with minimal tailoring.)

Then, I headed over to a certain Steak House and had the most wonderful martini I’ve ever had in a restaurant (that Michael is a martini-making god). It was a thing of beauty. Then, I had another martini. Since a certain online friend’s husband worked at that restaurant and I’d been encouraged to greet him, I had every intention of doing so. However, when I arrived at the restaurant, I totally froze up and completely forgot his name AND his wife’s name.

Finally, after the architect arrived and had some girly drink (I think it was pink!) and we ordered an appetizer, the martini triggered my memory and I was able to ask for him on our way out.

He was very nice and incredibly tall. Even in my beautiful new tall shoes, I felt a bit…short. I will definitely be headed back to that particular place again – both for the service and the gin.

Saturday we went to the zoo. Which was very much fun. I love the zoo. And this was one of the best zoos I’ve ever visited – I think the only one better would be the San Diego Zoo. We wandered around for hours and saw everything but the elephants. Then, for reasons unknown to anyone but the architect, we went to Hillsboro. I think he just wanted to ride the MAX around a bit.

Sunday I did a lot of work for one of my freelance projects. We also went to the Columbia Outfitters outlet store so I could buy a (really cheap) winter jacket, as I haven’t had one of those in about seven years. Then we walked around Sellwood, a fun little neighborhood with more antique stores than I thought possible.

We also bought wedding rings. Which was kinda scary. And we bought invitations. So – I guess this means we’re getting married.

Sunday also brought running. Since I have this whole 5K thing this next weekend, it seemed a good idea to try to run a few times before that.

Although I’ve definitely fallen off where I was a few months ago (how come all the biking and hiking and walking to the MAX station doesn’t keep me in running shape?), I reassured myself with the thought that four years ago, the only way I could have ever run one continuous mile is if I were running for my life.

And the only way I would have had the opportunity to run a continuous mile was if my would-be executioners were weighted down with 100 pounds of armour and were wearing banana-skin shoes.

I can now run a mile in about 8-9 minutes. Which isn’t necessarily fast – and that’s what used to bother me. I am not athletic. I’ve never really been that athletic. I’m certainly not fast. I used to be unable to see the point of running or biking if I was never going to be, if not first, at least in the top 25% of finishers.

Now that I’m older and fatter, I know that the point of running and biking is actually more for the fun, the endorphins, the exercise, and that the placement is not important. Don’t get me wrong – if I’m last on Sunday, I will cry. And say bad things about myself. But it’s more about the accomplishment – I am going to run a 5K – something that was inconceivable 4 years ago. (Does anyone else have trouble saying/writing inconceivable without hearing Vizzini?)

Today, there will be more running practice as soon as the architect gets home. I don’t want to attribute all of my fitness and motivation to him, but he’s definitely responsible for at least 50% of it.

Other than that – nothing much going on. I got my very first check for being a paid consultant yesterday, which was hella cool.

Tomorrow, I will have shoes and a book report.

How’s everyone else?

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