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Today’s shoe-porn come to you from one of my favorite porn-dealers.

Steve Madden.

I need some new shoes (I know! I just bought some! I can’t help myself!) for working in the winter. And although my lovely pair that arrived last week are simply….lovely (and comfortable! For walking. Although if your walk happens to involve three blocks of gravel street with no sidewalks, it’s best not to wear your new shoes because of the scratching.)

Anyways – back on the subject:

Steve knew I needed new work shoes and made these:

– appropriately called “Office.AND – although they are expensive, they do not frighten me. That doesn’t mean I’m going to purchase them. I’m just not going to have a heart attack.

(Side note – (again with the parentheses! I am addicted!) Lower down on the shoe page were these lovely red shoes which I mistakenly thought were named “Senile” at first glace. HEE!


In other news, my beautemous new suit arrived today. It is very nice looking. Definitely worth more than the $89 I paid for it. Except for one small detail. Although the skirt & pants fit perfectly (except for being too long, which was expected), the jacket does not fit AT ALL! I’m not sure what kind of crack I was smoking to think that I could actually buy a jacket that fits as part of a set. Although I am a much sleeker size on the bottom half than I used to be, the top half is still not sleek and trim. I have this problem. Okay, well more like TWO problems. Does anyone think that there is anyway to alter a jacket to fit me? Or I am doomed to only be able to buy suits in two pieces (or have them custom made or something). I want to buy on clearance. And the jacket is so pretty. It’s black with white pinstripes, and it has a plum lining. I love the jacket. But, not only will it not button, the buttons won’t even get close enough together to wave at each other.

And speaking of the girls….any good advice for a sports bra? I’ve been using this one: , but it’s just not quite enough for running (although it serves me well for mountain biking). Anyone? Anything? Should I just give up on exercise and suits forever? I could lounge around and drink martinis in sweaters for the rest of my life. (Well, not martinis in sweaters – I could lounge around in sweaters and drink martinis. I don’t want my martinis warm.) (Holy crap. More parentheses!)

Book mini-report

I have book reports for Kushiel’s Avatar, One Hundred Years of Solitude, and The Once & Future King. The MAX is wonderful for catching up on reading! Today, I started The Heart is a Lonely Hunter. Next up is The Blind Assassin, and then I have A Confederacy of Dunces.

For the mini-report. I enjoyed all three books that I finished. I knew I would like The Once & Future King, both because I’d read it a number of years ago and liked it then, and also because I kinda really love Arthurian legend books. Pretty much all of them.

I did muchly enjoy Kushiel’s Avatar – I think it was the best of the trilogy, although a bit longer that was necessary. Still well-written, though.

Finally – One Hundred Years of Solitude was gorgeous, in my opinion. I had heard mixed reviews, but it turned out to be terrific. I’m looking forward to also reading Love in the Time of Cholera sometime in the future. I may cancel my Booksfree membership if something good happens this week – something that I can’t talk about but would cause me to go by the downtown library twice every day.

That should be enough for today. As always, feel free to give me any reading suggestions, and I will put it on my list. Or shoe suggestions. ‘Cause I will totally feature your favorite shoes if you do. And then the 3 readers I have will all be very excited. Especially my dad. He will run right out and buy a pair for himself. I just know it.

Happy Wednesday night.

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