The party is over, but the fun is just beginning

I have to go to work on Monday. No, I did not get a job. Nothing that exciting. Instead, I will begin temping. I am going to be doing data entry for the next 2-3 weeks. It’s not very exciting, but two weeks of data entry will more than pay the rent, so that’s kinda cool.

Today is my last work day of freedom. I actually have been doing a LOT of work in the last couple of weeks, as I’m continuing to consult for the last organization I worked with, and that’s been keeping me busy enough, but not TOO busy.

Today, however, is a very very special day. Today, my good friend Margaret turns 27. Yes, that Margaret – she of the Prada shoes.


Even though she’s currently gallivanting around Afghanistan, I wanted to wish her a very, very happy birthday! And dude, come visit soon – I’m going through a Scrabble withdrawal.

Last night was another cemetery visit.

I was kinda cranky last night, but then we rode our bikes to the cemetery which I think was full of ghosts! and I felt better.

Today has been a busy work/consulting day…I’m sure going to miss days like this.

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