That is how I feel.

So much has happened in the last week, and it’s not slowing down anytime soon.

July 14: the architect & I went to the Hollywood Bowl and saw a fun concert. There were fireworks and cheese and crackers and wine. Yum.

July 15: some good friends took me out for the best bachelorette party in the world. There were strippers, which was kinda creepy. Then, we hung out at our hotel, which was really nice. We drank and danced to Bon Jovi and the “Once More With Feeling” soundtrack. Then, we went to a club to dance. And that’s where I left them. I got tired and went to bed. I don’t know what time the rest of the girls came back to the hotel, but I do know that I was the only one without a hangover.

July 19: Margaret came over and got drunk. I was going to steal her pretty, pretty shoes, but it turns out that for such a little person, she has ginormous feet. Well, not ginormous, just one size too big for me J

Also, I kicked her ass at Scrabble, which never happens.

July 20-21: I died of cramps. On Friday, I made the architect go out to eat with me in a venue that would have carbs, wine, and chocolate. I had 4-cheese risotto, Chianti, and a giant chocolate chip cookie. Something in that mix was apparently bad, as I suffered from the worst food poisoning I’ve had in 11 years.

July 22: The architect went to the store to buy Gatorade & saltines for me. And? he got me some surprise Ben & Jerry’s, because he is an awesome person. We did our recycling, dropped off stuff at goodwill, and went to PetCo to get kitty tranquilizers and a new cat carrier. Then, I was starving, so we went out for burritos. Then, that evening, just as I was feeling better, we went to an architectural dinner party. 9 people: 7 architects, 1 urban planner, and me. Much fun was had. More Bon Jovi dancing happened. Many good drinks were had, but not so many by me.

July 23: The architect may have been a little hungover. Or, a lot hungover. It was the 2nd time in the 4 years we’ve been together, so I guess it’s forgivable J He didn’t do much. Yesterday evening, we went back to the Hollywood Bowl. This time to see Os Mutantes, Thievery Corporation & the Flaming Lips. It was a pretty good show, but there were definitely a lot more pot smokers at this concert than the classical one. It probably means I’m old, but it kinda annoyed me. I don’t care who smokes what, but in a venue like that, when everyone is all crowded together, I don’t want to inhale what everyone else is smoking. Also, the music was too loud and the gosh-darn kids were too rowdy. Just kidding! The music was a decent volume, and the gosh-darn kids were a lot better behaved than the crazy woman sitting near us who was old enough to know better.

Today: lots and lots of work. I can’t believe it’s 3:15 already. Also, I have to do laundry. And kinda wanted to go for a jog, now that I’m feeling better. And, Margaret is coming over to fetch her mirror. And I have more packing to do. And I need to make thank you cards/gifts for my bachelorette hostesses. And I need to finish my playlist for the road trip.


So – hopefully I will get through the next eight (8!!!) days without having a major nervous breakdown.

Wish me luck.

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