This is a mean post

I’d actually intended to do a post about gay marriage and the crap currently going on in Washington with Bush and certain Republicans trying to court the right-wing creeps with their ridiculous attempts to rewrite bigotry into the Constitution, but instead, you get a post about ugly people.

Disclaimer: This may come as a shock, but I do not look like Angelina Jolie.

Nor, as has been suggested by this site, do I look like: Sarah Michelle Geller, Julio Iglesias, Pedro Almodovar, Mischa Barton, Marcia Cross, Jefferson Davis, Ralph Lauren, Drew Barrymore, Zhang Ziyi, or Brendan Fraser (okay, I look a little like Jefferson Davis).

I do not generally make fun of people with disabilities or ugly people.  The poorly dressed and unnaturally fugly are fair game (especially if wealthy and/or famous).

So, this is not mocking.  This is a compassionate description of a person I saw today.

As an introduction, when I was approaching him (I was walking home), I had to keep saying to myself, “Do not make snide *Jedi* comments, do not cough *Jabba* while passing him.”

This man must have weighed at least 400 pounds.  And, he had no legs.  And, he was not wearing any clothes-like stuff except for a purple t-shirt.  Which meant, that even though he was in a wheel chair, I could see his…well, you know…his little Hutt.

I know I am terrible person.  But, I had to share.  It was a unique experience.

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