Ten Things I Will Miss About Los Angeles

(things that make me sad)

1. Hiking & mountain biking all year
2. Diversity (racial, cultural, plastic surgerial) (Portland is 75% white, according to the 2000 census.)
3. Going to the beach & seeing dolphins
4. The Mexican food
5. Random celebrity sightings
6. Bradley Jacobson Happy Hour Nights
7. All my other cool LA friends (especially Margaret & Sue)
8. Really good Mexican food (what? I know I used it before, but I am really going to miss the Mexican food.)
9. Not ever needing a winter coat
10. I’m having trouble coming up with a tenth reason…did I mention Mexican food already? Perhaps I can say the wide variety of foods….if you want Greek food, you can have Greek. If you want Indian, I can think of five restaurants without trying. If you’re interested in Czech food, I know where to get that, too.

I’ve lived here for almost seven years, and I’ve never regretted moving here. I am ready to move on now. Tomorrow I will list 10 things I won’t miss about LA (I will try really hard to whittle the list down to 10), and then I want to do a list of all the things I’m looking forward to in Portland.

I’m trying to take everything one step at a time and not panic. I know that we will get through this move, and that everything will be okay. I have 2.5 months left to find an apartment & a job – and and that’s plenty of time. When I was fired laid off in October, I didn’t even start looking for a job for two weeks, and when I did start looking, I found & started a job within two weeks. I can do this.

(my little pep talks are kinda working, although I may have transferred all of my panic to the architect, who told me I was a bad, mean person because now he’s freaked out. ha!)

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