Do you ever see someone that you are absolutely 100% positive is a serial killer? Hmmm…that never happens to you?

Apparently, I’ve been spending too much time on crime library again. But, the other day, I was walking home from work (yes, my car is fine, no there’s nothing wrong, I just like walking sometimes), and I saw this guy. And he gave a creepy creepy vibe.

Part of it was his ensemble. He was wearing black dress shoes that looked really cheap – like Payless would have been an upgrade for him. Also, a brown pin-striped suit that was too short in the legs & maybe he had a recent growth spurt & and too long in the sleeves. White ankle-height socks and a white shirt, and a really dirty white (I think) baseball cap that was much too big. He kind of gave me the impression that he’d raided someone else’s closet and was playing dress up. People who shop at Goodwill usually come out better dressed than that (I know, I’ve shopped at Goodwill). He was very clean, and didn’t act homeless (i.e. overtly insane), and was carrying a very clean, expensive looking briefcase. He was also carrying a black mesh bag with an empty glass jar (it looked like a cranberry juice bottle with the label removed) and some Tupperware.
Now, none of this alone would be enough for me to yell “Serial Killer!” and point and scream and all of that…but that, combined with the creepy vibe made me wonder. He was a Caucasian man in his late 30s who looked like he might have issues with women. So, I did what any reasonable person would do when confronted with someone they suspect is a serial killer. I stopped right there in the sidewalk, pulled out my notebook and took extensive notes on his dress and his manner while staring at him surreptitiously from behind my sunglasses (that I removed from my bag and put on as I pulled out my notebook).

Then, I took the long way home so he wouldn’t know where I lived.

Just in case.

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