busy weekend….kind of

The architect & I spent a lot of time on Saturday looking for apartments, emailing apartments, talking about apartments….We contacted approximately 20 places, have had two nos (no vacancies) and one phone call putting us on a waiting list. For a 2-story townhouse. 1,000 square feet. A washer & dryer. for about half of what we’re paying here.

I also found a job to apply for that would pay decently, offer benefits for, and that I’m qualified for. I just hope they’d be willing to wait for me. It’d only be a little over 2 months. I’m worth waiting for, aren’t I?

Saturday evening, we went to a fancy dinner for an architectural firm that the architect used to work for. It was much fun. Good food. Free (really crappy) wine. Fun people. The principal came to our table, and before he spoke to anyone else (including the president of architectural services), he hugged my architect. That is mad respect there, y’all.

It was a bit strange — the crowd was probably about 90% black, but everyone at our table & the table next to us was white and/or Asian. I think we were in the separate but equal section, or something.

Yesterday, we didn’t do too much, as we were afraid of the rain. I played my new game, which was fun. I’m not sure if I’ve quite got the hang of it yet, but I’m rocking with my new geekiness.

shhh…..I’ve got a guilty secret
On Friday, I stole a half roll of toilet paper from the work bathroom because we were almost out. and then, I felt guilty. So guilty, that I kind of want to replace it now. Although we still haven’t bought new toilet paper. Which is why I have to remember to pee before I go home. I think there will be a trip to the store tonight. The architect thinks it’s a bit weird that I feel so guilty. He’s probably right.

So – that’s it. Busy week today. It’s my friend Brad’s birthday today, and the architect’s bday next Monday. I need to get my bridesmaid’s dress hemmed. And get my hair cut.

Only 4 more days until another weekend…although I don’t get next Monday off, so that kinda sucks a lot. 🙁

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