i think i’m alone now

I am alone…it’s kinda weird. It’s nice being the only one home. But, at the same time, it’s a bit lonely.

I dropped the architect off at the airport at 4:50 AM this morning. Three seconds later, it started raining. For a second, I thought I was back in South Dakota, but then I got on the freeway & realized that I would never see so many cars driving so fast in the dark at 5 AM in a hurricane in SD. It was one of the scariest drives of my life. There was thunder & lightning, which is a rarity in Cali. I got home, and the cats were both hiding from the storm. I crawled back into bed, and the little one (I don’t know why I call him the little one -he’s ginormous) crawled under the covers next to me. Every time there was thunder, he shook with fright. Poor baby.

When I woke up, it was bright sunlight, blue skies, and wind. Very very windy.

So, now it’s just starting to think about getting dark. I love that.

I’m going to make a martini. Eat some dinner. Work on my book. Read a book, and probably watch a movie & fall asleep. I can sprawl across the whole bed, and nobody will try to nudge me over! that’s kinda nice.

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