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Three Things Thursday

  1. I have a 5K next weekend. I have sporadically trained for said 5K. Very sporadically. And then I twisted my ankle last week and it’s just now feeling better, as long as no one kicks it or drops heavy things on it or I wear shoes. I’m not going into it with any expectations of PR-ing, but I need to go, to walk/run that bitch, and finish, thus earning my mimosa in my commemorative running glass.

The finishing mimosas in 2015 before Jamie abandoned me for Boston

  1. I have another, longer race in six weeks. I’m hoping the success of crossing the finish line next weekend will spur me into being less sporadic. It’s weird when you get stuck in an endless loop of too stressed to run and have no long-acting stress relief. I know that once I get solidly back in the habit (and for me, that’s four-five weeks of 3x/week), I’ll love it. I’ll feel good (most of the time), sleep better, eat better, and have a significant reduction in stress levels. It’s just easier to stay home and not run or walk. Home is nice. No off-leash dogs, hardly anyone looks like a threat (solo trail running as a woman can be a bit nerve-wracking, regardless of how much I love it), and there’s wine. I have yet to come across a wine kiosk in Forest Park. (WAIT A MINUTE! NEW BUSINESS IDEA!)

I will set up a little wine stand in the middle of forest park. Like a lemonade stand, but for adults.


  1. Every time I start running, I get sick or injured. It’s like a curse. Maybe it is a curse! I read this morning that certain household objects invite demons into your home. And, since I have multiple tarot decks, a yoga mat, and–between the Beer Guy and me–two complete copies of the Harry Potter books as well as all the movies on DVD, we’re pretty much doomed. (That’s before we even look at the various religious studies books the two of us have. I’m sure all the non-Bible stuff is inviting all the demons in.)It’s nice having someone to blame. I finally get the Bean’s insistence that the Sugar Ghosts ate all the candy canes off the lower holiday tree branches one morning before I woke up.

    Earlier this week, the Sugar Ghosts struck again! I bought a Cadbury Creme Egg for myself the other day, and when I went to eat it, it was missing! It couldn’t have been the Bean–he was at school–and the Beer Guy swears it wasn’t him…must be Sugar Ghosts. They’re in league with the demons!

(You guys…I just spent way too long trying to find a font that screamed “exorcism” at me but was still legible. It’s way harder than I would’ve thought. I eventually gave up and just chose a font called “Sunday” because it made me laugh.)

Happy Thursday!



Shamrock 5K Race Report

Now with fewer pictures!

The day (for me, at least) started out great. I’d had my pre-race nachos & 1 beer Saturday evening, changed all the clocks, and set two alarms (unprecedented, but I was worried about oversleeping with the time change).

I fell asleep pretty quickly, and when my alarm went off at 6:30 am, I woke & right away & got ready. I’d laid everything out the night before (hellloooooo, OCD!), so it took me about 15 minutes to get ready.

I was meeting Sarah at 7:45 am to walk down to the start line (warm-up mile!), so I left home at 7. It does not take 45 minutes to get to the meeting spot. I did stop for coffee (and for some reason, decided I needed a venti), and then hung out & read in my car until we were to meet.  I geared up (i.e. grabbed my fuel belt, so I’d have a way to carry my phone) & waited outside.

Soon, I had a call from her telling me to go on ahead & save myself!

So, I did. I walked the mile to the start line & got there just in time to see the waves upon waves of 8K runners start. After they finally were all out of the way, I looked for my neighbor (who was running the 15K) and her son (who was doing the 5K), and also Sarah (who’d made it to the start line).

Eventually, everyone was found, and we got in line, along with 11,000 other people, for the 5K.

2011 Shamrock 5K

I will never, ever do this 5K again. I don’t mind a bit of crowd, but I do hate 11,000 people – especially the 9,000 or so that happened to be in my way.

I had a lot of anger in this race. There were walkers in the way (even though there was a specific walker start AFTER the runner start). There were people who had no race etiquette (no, it’s not okay for five people to walk abreast in the middle of the street, unless you’ve actually started with the walkers), there were dumb-ass girls weaving in & out of the traffic cones making sound effects, and then getting snotty when people (i.e. me) told them they were being obnoxious.

I threw a couple of elbows (and was karmically rewarded by elbow bruises) and a LOT of less-than-genteel language.

I did have to take a 15 second walk break towards the end of the 2nd mile. My back had little back spasms for about a mile. I’ve never had that before during a race, so that was kind of obnoxious.

I did not hit my time goal of under 30 minutes, which was a complete bummer to me. I really, really wanted an under 30 minute 5K. In fact, this 5K was even slower than my LAST come-back 5K (Run Like Hell, October 2008) after my knee-hab.

I hit the lap button when someone yelled Mile 1 & I saw the sign. It wasn’t until immediately after that I realized that it was Mile 1 for one of the other distances, and not ours.  I hit the lap button again when I saw our real mile marker.

Mile 1: 10:48

Not what I was hoping for at all!  My first miles are usually pretty speedy before I slow down & find my pace.

Mile 2: 12:51

TERRIBLE!  That’s slower than my trail pace. This did have the long uphill AND the 15 second walk break, but still. Almost 13 minutes? Not cool.

Mile 3: 8:14 (although a bit short on this one – Leo reads .84 miles @ 9:49 pace)

Now – that’s more like it. Of course, this was downhill, and there were no walk breaks.  This should’ve been the entire race, not just the last mile.

Mile 3.1: 0:48 (9:12 pace)

Overall: 32:45 – average pace 10:33.

Disappointing. And now, I’m pretty sure I need another 5K soon so that I can redeem myself.

Also, I should try not to get sick the week before a race & miss 3 out of 4 training runs.



Friday, I did 3.76 miles on the trails, which was awesome!  My splits there were not as good as my race splits, but it was a wee bit hillier!

Mile 1: 10:54
Mile 2: 12:13 (up, up, up!)
Mile 3: 12:13 (oooh – consistent!)
Mile 3.5: 5:42 (11:24 pace)
Extra bits: 3:58 (15:15 pace – it’s pretty steep)
(I hit the lap button when I got to the first 1/4 mile marker, and then when I passed it on my way back. The additional distance added up to .26 miles)

Overall – 3.76 miles in 45:03 (11:58 pace).  I’ll take that for a steep trail run + a new 2011 distance record!

I am now in the first week of my 8 week half marathon training schedule. I am going to be ramping up the miles quickly and safely. My secondary goal is to get to half marathon shape & be able to run the whole thing (and to not get a PW), but my primary goal is to get through this training without injuring myself further & having another crappy running year!

Race for the Roses

I’ll just let this photo speak for itself:

Yes, in fact, that is a PR. By almost 3 minutes, in fact.  The official results aren’t posted yet, but the PB&Js had a fantastic showing with many PRs (and Emily placed 4th in our age group for the 5K).

Now – brunch! Later, race report!