Monthly Archives: January 2019

Buy my Book, Bitches

I feel like that’s what 100% of my posts lately have been. This is no exception. My latest book – an Oracle Bay novella – releases today. Wing and a Prayer is in the box set Wings of the Wicked, and if you get right on it, you can pick up 25 books – some of which, I have it on very good authority, bring the heat. We’re trying to hit the USA Today Bestseller list, which would be awesome to put on my book covers, and if you can spare $0.99 to grab this set, I’d be grateful. You have this week only to pick it up for $0.99 – on Sunday, the price goes up!

I’ll be back later this week with a general 2018 wrap-up/2019 plans. You may or may not remember that I already had my New Year celebration in August (Amy’s Year of the Phoenix), so it’s about time to check in to see where I’m at with that. (Spoiler: NOT VERY FAR. IT HAS BEEN A YEAR.)

I rang in the new year with the Beer Guy and my face shingles, but things are definitely looking up now. They have to. I might be able to get further down, but I’m hoping this ladder I’ve constructed out of hemp and iffy metaphors will hold as I climb back out and work on taking care of myself well enough to keep parenting and partnering and writing.

I hope you all had a great 2018 and your 2019 is off to an even better start!