Oracle Bay everywhere!

You guys! The Wings of the Wicked box set, of which I am a part, is up for presale for $0.99! Get it while it’s hot! We are trying to hit the USA Today bestseller list and every $0.99 purchase gets us a little bit closer.

Wings of the Wicked releases 1/8/19 and has 25 books in them – this is a pretty fancy bargain!

One of those books is my Oracle Bay novella Wing and a Prayer.

Come see the darker side of Oracle Bay…there’s a lot more heat and a little bit of sin (but only the fun kind…).


And if you haven’t grabbed the first (much lighter and fluffier) Oracle Bay book, you can pick up Not in the Cards up today and dive into the world of psychics, mysteries, and romance.

You might want to get on that pretty soon, because book 2 comes out next week! That’s right, First Hand Knowledge is available for preorder right now and has a scheduled release day of 11/27. If you’re looking for love, goat shenangians, and divinely inspired kidnappings (heh. kidnappings. because goats.) then you’re going to enjoy book 2…

I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate, and managed to keep it completely clear of all casual racism! Good luck with your aunties, everyone.

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